Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Service Crayons made of?

Service Writer Crayons are housed in a thick wooden body. The lead crayon is a proprietary blend of wax and water-based paint.

Are they hazardous?

No, they are not hazardous, but please do not give them to small children or pets.

What do they do?

The Service Writer Crayon writes on any glass or smooth surface in a vibrant and very visible fashion.

Is the crayon lead erasable?

YES! It was designed to apply easy and erase very easy.  Write on, wipe off.

Does it leave any residue?

None whatsoever.

Does it leave a ghost marking? (an invisible silhouette of what you wrote, only seen at certain angles)

None whatsoever.

How long do the crayons last?

It all depends on how much you use it. I have seen 1 crayon (busy car wash) last for a week and another (slow car wash) lasted almost a month.

What surfaces does the Service Writer Crayon write on?

Any glass, mirror, or smooth surface.

How do you sharpen the crayons?

Each order comes with a free jumbo sharpener. You can also purchase extra.

What colors do Service Writer Crayons offer?

We offer any color you want. However, over the years it became clear that Yellow is the most vibrant and visible.

Do you offer bulk or wholesale prices?

Yes, contact Tim at 619-871-1630 for more information.

Can you put our companies name on the Service Writer Crayons?

Yes, we can, however, there are minimum order requirements for custom orders. Contact Tim at 619-871-1630 for more information.

Will you really send me a free sample?

Yes, we believe that once you start using this product you will love it. So yes, I will send you 2 Service Writer Crayons and a sharpener. All you have to pay is shipping and handling. $4.99